Merit of Payroll Outsourcing

1. Merit of Payroll Outsourcing

(1) Cost Reduction

Costs that can be reduced by payroll outsourcing are not only the monthly working cost of payroll staff, but also the cost to follow of legal changes and maintenance costs of payroll software and hardware. After starting outsourcing, not only these costs can be reduced, but it can be possible to concentrate on higher value of core process that could not secure time before.

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(2) Prompt response to staff retirement, pregnancy and maternity leave

In small and medium-sized Thai companies, it is common that only one or very few number of Thai employees are responsible for payroll calculation work. In such cases, the company will face difficulty of business operational continuity by the sudden retirement of Thai employees and pregnancy acquisition of maternity leave. By switching the payroll work to outsourcing, the company can avoid the risk of business continuity.
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(3) Workload Leveling

Payroll work become busy on specific timings monthly and yearly, by closing of working data, payroll calculation, salary payment, withholding tax, social insurance procedure, and year-end procedures . On the other hand it may not be busy in other timing. By payroll outsourcing, it is possible to avoid such inefficiency and to realize workload leveling.

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(4) Utilization of professional skill and experience

In payroll calculation, it is necessary to always catch up tax laws and labor laws and those revision. By outsourcing payroll work, it becomes possible to utilize professional skills and experience.
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(5) Maintaining IT security

In payroll calculation, handling of confidential personal information is extremely critical. By outsourcing payroll work, it becomes possible to maintain sufficiently high level of IT security.
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2. Why Choose TT Techno-Park for Payroll Outsourcing?

  • Accumulated know-how and experience of payroll calculation in 17 years
  • Providing payroll service across whole area in Thailand
  • Reliability of Toyota Tsyusho “Techno Park” business
  • Comprehensive care for Personal Income Tax for Japanese expats by Japanese Consultant
  • Information sharing about labor management including annual salary hike, bonus rate in each area

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