What is TT Techno-Park?

TT Techno-Park (TTTP) is an administrative and accounting outsourcing service provider (Payroll, Visa & Work permit, Book Keeping Accounting & Tax return, Commuting Bus, Incorporation & Startup in Thailand etc.), located in WHA Eastern Seaboard I.E. in Chonburi in Thailand. Since incorporation in 2002 as Toyota Tsusho “Techno-Park” Business, we have provided rapid service to customers, mainly who belongs to automotive parts industry in EEC zone (Chonburi and Rayong: Eastern Seaboard, Amata City, Pingthong, Sriracha etc).

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We provide wide range of outsourcing service as follows.
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Salary & bonus calculation, Withholding Personal Income Tax, Social security
Commuting Bus
Safety support of employees’ daily commuting
Visa & Workpermit
Non immigrant visa and workpermit for Japanese expats
Starting up in Thailand
DBD registration of company and representative office, BOI, various infrastructure
Accounting & Tax
Monthly & annual closing, Corporate Income Tax, VAT, Withholding tax, audit support
Management Support
Business support by Toyota Tsusho Group, Share information, Communication

SPECIAL TOPIC.1: Merit of Payroll Outsourcing ~Why Choose TT Techno-Park?~
Merit of Payroll Outsourcing

SPECIAL TOPIC.2: Interview to Customer in Starting up Phase “Fact of Starting up in Thailand & Techno-Park’s Support”
Fact of Starting up in Thailand and Techno-Park's Support

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In case you have any question or request of quotation, please send email to Takahara, TT Techno-Park (Click here).

We will reply soon.

In case you call us;
Oversea Call :
+66-3304-4461 (Thai/English)
+66-3304-4452 (Japanese)

Local Call :
03304-4461 (Thai/English)
03304-4452 (Japanese)

TT Techno-Park
From Monday to Friday, AM8:00 – PM5:00
(AM8 in Thailand is AM10 in Japan)